What Is Healthy For One Person Might Not Be Healthy For YOU

Some of you may be thinking, "Yeah no $#!t Ryan"! Interestingly enough, even though many of you may have that thought, how many of you go onto Google and type in something like: 'how to lose belly fat', or 'ways to get the most out of your workout', or 'what foods are good for weight loss'? What's happening is you are hoping to find a generalized solution to a specific problem of yours. That's a little silly isn't it?

We are all looking for that miracle cure to what ails us; whether it's excess weight, high blood pressure, hair loss, or whatever. Everybody wants a quick, concrete answer to solve their problems. "I have X as my problem and I want Y. Solve my equation." The challenge with that complaint is, NO TWO PEOPLE ARE THE SAME!

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Diets Are Not Useful As Dogma, But They Are Useful References.

As I previously discussed, diets fail a majority of the time largely in part because they are too restrictive. I believe, however, that every diet holds a little iota of information that is useful to you.

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The Body Has an Innate Wisdom, Beyond Any Book or Authority.

How to discover the perfect diet for you and why you won't find it in any diet book. I’ve learned that all dietary theories can be understood at a glance when you discover how they balance, source, or time, and sometimes cook macronutrients. Now why is that important? When you understand how dietary theories are created, you get to create your own diet. That’s right! You get to create your very own, unique, personal, customized, perfect diet.

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