The Polarity of Food and How it Affects Your Cravings

The concept of polarity is based on the principle that everything has 2 extremes, or opposites. For example: hot and cold, hard and soft, noisy and quiet, light and dark, good and bad, love and fear, etc. When you find one thing, you’ll also find the potential for its opposite. How does this concept apply to food? Consider the idea that food has energetic qualities that go beyond science; for example, leafy greens grow upward, so they have a “lifting” energy, whereas root vegetables, like a potato or squash, grow deep into the ground, so they have a “grounding” energy.

Now how might this polarity in your food actually be CREATING your cravings? When you eat too many “Bliss” foods you start to feel spacey, maybe even a little forgetful. On the other extreme are the “Tension” foods. These are the kinds of foods that put “meat on your bones”. They make you feel grounded, focused, aggressive, but when you eat too many you start to feel tight, agitated and perhaps even angry. If life is a system of opposites and your body is always trying to balance itself out, what do you think happens if you are having too many "Tension foods", like salt, meat, and eggs? What do you think your body might start craving to balance itself out? It will crave the opposite of Tension foods – it will crave sweet, expansive Bliss foods!

That’s the challenge, if we have too many Tension foods we’ll crave the Bliss; whereas, if we have too many Bliss foods, we’ll crave the Tenison foods. So what many people don’t realize - and I didn’t realize this myself either - is that we’re often times CREATING our cravings, unknowingly. Cool right?

You can even look at activities in your life through the lens of the polarity of Bliss and Tension, or Expansive and Contractive. There are things that happen in your life that are a little more Contractive – they create more tension. And then there are things that are more Expansive – they create more relaxation. Examples of Contractive activities are: running, working too much, partying, staying up late, stress. When you have too many Contractive activities, you’re going to crave more Expansive foods, because you need relaxation.

If you don’t allow yourself to relax, then you’ll find yourself bingeing on wine, chocolate, bread, desserts….your body is begging for a break, like sleep, reading, meditation, walking, taking a bath, etc.